Best Hotel Booking Websites

By | November 15, 2020


Online booking of hotels is the modern way now. People go online to book hotels for any travel or vacation they plan. There are now hundreds of websites that are available online for finding the hotel rooms or apartments to rent. We have decided to give you introduction to the best website in 2020 to get hotel booking.

These websites are chosen by keeping in mind their longevity, reliability, customer reviews, how many listings they have and how many different countries they have properties from.

  1. com is the most used and trusted website for booking hotels online. The interface of this website is very easy to use and their listings are very reliable. They have listing from over 227 countries from all over the world. There are nearly 30 million listings available on the website.

There is no comparison to when it comes to having more opportunities to choose from. Their result shows you many different options because of their huge data base. Also, you can find almost the very best deal on every type of hotel you are trying to book.

No matter which type of traveler you are, this website is best for everyone. Whether you are looking for an apartment, hotel room, B&B or vacation rentals, you can find all on There are also filters available to narrow down your search to see only results that works best for you.

  1. com is one of the best websites to book hotels. This site is experienced and have been running before most of the booking websites. There are more than 20,000 locations available on the website which have different hotel listings reaching 300,000 in numbers., one of the longest-running hotel listing sites, is still going strong today with over 300,000 different hotel listings in almost 20,000 locations. That wealth of offerings you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when you’re starting to book your trip. You can filter by amenities, types of neighborhood, types of landmarks and the features of the hotel.

  1. HotelCombined

HotelCombined is more like a search engine than a website. The reason is that this website gives you results of the other websites which list hotel in different areas. It also shows you the listening of other websites like we mentioned above. Apart from that it includes listings by big hotels like Hilton and AccorHotels. So it shows you third party websites and you can choose between them what you like.

There is only one problem with that we site that you will not be able to get the accurate results every time. The reason is that sometimes the data is collected late from the websites and you encounter problems like selecting a booking which is sold out or prices have been changes.

  1. TripAdviser

TripAdviser is a website which let’s people review on hotels around the world. This is a best site to explore if you are looking to book hotels that will be reliable and trustworthy. People go to TripAdviser and share their experience of the hotel.  You can read other people’s reviews and know about what you are going to actually get.

They have a lot of filter options to choose from and you can easily find the best hotel for yourself & your family. You can do comparisons of different hotels on the website. See photos of the place and also know what kind of options they’re offering.

  1. HostelWorld

This is one of the best websites to find a hotel on cheap rates. It is available in almost 178 countries and has 36,000 properties listen on it. There are a verity of options and there are 12 million + reviews to help you do exactly that.

You can choose room type, other facilities and choose from other amenities to control the price you will pay for the hotel. If you don’t want a fancy expansive hotel you can see other options which are available for you. You can even select payment types filter and choose all family or all female dorms.


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