Insurance Marketing Ideas for Your Insurance Company Facebook Page

By | November 17, 2020

Insurance Marketing Ideas for Your Insurance Company Facebook Page

Facebook has over 223 million users from United States by the data researched in 2020. People spend most of their time on social media and now they are buying and consuming things that are advertised or organically shown to them.

There are ways to market insurance packages and deals on Facebook that you should always be aware of if you are selling insurance in US. Because marketing insurance on Facebook can find you a lot of clients and you can also make a name for your company.

Apart from Facebook, other social media outlets like Instagram, Quora and Twitter also have a lot of potential when it comes to marketing your business. But here we will only focus on how you can boost your insurance company with the help of Facebook.

There are two types of involvement on Facebook:

  1. Personal Involvement
  2. Business Involvement

Although business involvement is very essential you should never avoid personal involvement.

Always keep your personal page focused on personal involvement, don’t show off or talk a lot about your business there. Because there may be a lot of other people who are your friends but right now, they don’t want insurance. But they will be needing it in the future. So, don’t push them away by posting constantly about your business.

Now managing your business Facebook page is a whole another game. Now the problem with business page is that some people are only posting things about their business and not touching the personal involvement part of Facebook. You have to mix things up by alternating content between personal and business.

You have to offer something to the visitors and users to engage them with your page, and make them stay and come back for more.

  1. Provide insurance tips on the page, in form of images or bullet points. Write about insurance related stuff on your website blog and share the blog link on your Facebook page. Also write attractive headlines, use “How to” and “Why” in the titles to intrigue the user.
  2. Another thing is not just to focus on insurance, but also talk about related topics. Like you can give tips about mortgages, loans and other stuff.
  1. Make a habit of appreciating and sharing your client’s feedback and success on your page.
  2. Giving back is the best thing, share with community and donate to causes to create a good image of your company.
  3. Posting offers for visitors can help you a lot, you can capitalize on festivals, or celebration days and give discounts and vouchers based on that.
  4. Using tags in your Facebook post is something you should never ignore. When you place a tag in your Facebook post your content is shown to a person who is searching with that tag. So, it can help you gain a lot of organic reach on your posts.
  5. You should also consider Facebook for paid marketing of your business. Use video ads to explain what your clients mean to you and how well you can take care of them.
  6. Post your company’s achievements and milestones on your Facebook page.
  7. Share insurance news regularly on the page, so people like & follow your page.

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