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Cancer used to be an instant death sentence in the past. Even in these recent medically advance times, more than half a million people die of cancer in US alone every year. In the start of 20th century, with the ever increasing curiosity of medical scientists toward this peculiar disease, the first medical act focused solely on cancer was made In USA.

In 1940s, the National Cancer Institute became functional under the National Health institute. Later on President Richard Nixon converted a former US Army Biological Warfare facility, situated in Maryland, into a cancer research building. Today, National Cancer Institute Maryland is the headquarter governing over 31 other Government Cancer Research Institutions and leading the way towards effective and advance cancer treatment.

Support and Services

National Cancer Institute Maryland is a federally administered cancer research institution that supports and provides guidance to the cancer researches taking place throughout the country.

The main goal of NCI is to increase the span and quality of life of people who are fighting cancer and as well as those people which are potential cancer victims. NCI itself is at the forefront of cancer research and it also funds extramural cancer researches. NCI is the largest funder of cancer research with its own annual budget of staggering 5 billion U.S.D.

The major services of NCI includes:

  • Research and training.
  • Fund raising and funding.
  • Devising efficient collaboration amongst industrialists, scientists, philanthropists and common people.
  • Intramural and extramural support and funding.



Cancer research has been the hot topic in the field of medicine since 1940s. The unpredictability, distinctiveness from other diseases, and minimum knowledge make cancer one of the most lethal medical disease.

The primary focus of NCI has always been the research in the field of oncology. National Cancer Institute Maryland is the World’s oldest cancer research institute. Its years of intramural and extramural efforts has helped in the discovery of scores of anti-cancer drugs, treatment techniques, and care. NCI Maryland was the global pioneer in cancer research. It was the first institute to carry out chemotherapy of a cancer patient.


NCI has spread awareness and preventative methods for cancer. Every now and then, NCI organizes events that help masses to understand the cancer. Awareness has helped a lot in cancer treatment as people aware of cancer show up to a doctor with early symptoms. Such early diagnose increases the chances of long term survival.

Years of extensive research has produced a lot of effective methods of cancer treatment and cure. NIC has developed and used many cancer treatment methods like radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The medical team of NIC along with psychologists and social workers try to make the lives of people with cancer less difficult.


From ancient man to modern human civilization, cancer has always been there; affecting the life of millions. But in 20th century the concerns over cancer by medical experts increased, so they came together and with the help of Government created the 1st medical unit with the sole purpose of cancer treatment. National Cancer Institution Maryland is a historic medical institution which has been serving America and humanity around the globe for over 80 years.




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